EBSCO’s Commitment to Customers

“Customer First” has been a core value of EBSCO’s since the company was founded over 70 years ago. With the rapidly-evolving needs of our customers today, that directive is more important than ever.

customer ServiceCustomer surveys consistently rank EBSCO as having a customer satisfaction rating of well over 90%. In addition, in a recent study by Library Journal* asking librarians to list vendors that provide outstanding service, EBSCO was overwhelmingly named most often (almost 3 to 1 over the next most mentioned vendor).

Here at EBSCO, we continue to place the needs of our customers at the forefront of our product development, implementation and support strategies. We recognize that we can succeed as a company only if our customers are successful in satisfying the needs of their end users. To this end, we continue to invest heavily in resources that are designed to help our customers succeed:

  • Dedicated user research department that works directly with customers to aid in the development of new resources according to end-user needs (i.e., fact-based product development)
  • Product implementation specialists that help customers roll out new resources to their users
  • Industry-leading customer support/satisfaction team available 24/7
  • Live support provided by native speakers in over 25 languages
  • Multiple communication channels (phone, web, email, etc.) allowing customers to connect with us in their preferred manner
  • Hundreds of team members with MLS or MLIS degrees

*Conducted for a third party in Fall 2013. Responses were open-ended and based on 80 respondents, primarily academic librarians.

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