Stratton Lloyd

Executive Vice President of Product Management & Customer Satisfaction

Stratton Lloyd is Executive Vice President of Product Management and Customer Satisfaction at EBSCO Information Services. He is responsible for the global product development strategy for more than 400 information products serving the Academic, Public Library, School, Corporate, Medical and Government Markets. In addition, Stratton oversees Support, Services and Training for EBSCO’s 200,000+ subscription customers in 125 countries.

Mr. Lloyd has more than 20 years of information, education and technology industry experience. Stratton holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a graduate degree in Business Administration from Harvard University.  He authored the book: Library Success: A Celebration of Library Innovation, Adaptation and Problem, as well as articles in The Library Quarterly (University of Chicago Press) and other publications.

Mr. Lloyd’s leadership has been integral to many of EBSCO’s recent growth initiatives, including the design and development of EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO’s world class e-book platform and solution, and EBSCO’s evidence-based medical point-of-care product line.

Mr. Lloyd has spoken at national and international conferences in the United States, the Caribbean, Colombia, and Chile.  He is fluent in Spanish, having lived in South America for four years.

Stratton lives on the North Shore of Boston with his wife and three children.

Stratton Lloyd Authored Articles/Papers

“Building Library success using the balanced scorecard...” , Library Quarterly, Vol. 76, Issue 3 July 2006 p352-361, 10p

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