Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes on some of the processes that help make sure you get the content you need when, where and how you need it? Or wondered what the faces behind EBSCO look like? We got you covered!

It has been said many times and on many occasions that people are what makes a company. At the heart of what we, at EBSCO, do are lots of people who contribute to our success and that of our customers in many different ways, in our international headquarters in the United States as well as in regional offices in more than 200 countries worldwide. And, this includes, of course, your EBSCO team in Middle East & North Africa.

In a brand new series, we will introduce you to some of the people and the processes behind EBSCO. Random facts about your local EBSCO contacts, an interview and tips from your EBSCO trainer, a sneak peek into the local content licensing process and much more. In a series of blog articles, videos and more, you will get an exclusive look behind the scenes and a chance to get to know your EBSCO contacts a little bit better.

?Curious to know more about EBSCO Team

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