At the beginning of our blog, where you can take a look behind the scenes at EBSCO, we would like to introduce you to the sales contacts at EBSCO for the Middle East and North African regions.

Our teams are responsible for different areas, regions, and markets. We will start our round of introductions with the EBSCO colleagues who advise and supervise our academic and medical library customers on databases, e-books and software-as-a-service products, such as the EBSCO Discovery Service.

Ahmed Komsan, who joined EBSCO  five years ago (on December 1st, 2016), and Wael Salama, who has been working at EBSCO for more than four years, are a well-rehearsed team. For more than four years they have formed the team to look after customers across the Middle East & North Africa in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and other countries across the region. Ahmed came from the field of libraries and publishing, while Wael is a science graduate, who has been working in the medical field for over 20 years with more than 12 years of medical solutions. Outside the world of e-media and library software, Wael likes to travel across the country with his motorbike, while Ahmed likes sharing his technological knowledge with different cultures.

Our customers in the Middle East & North Africa are also looked after by one of the most experienced, long-standing EBSCO colleagues: Khalaf Al-Assaf.  Khalaf has been working for the company in the field for more than three years. He is always happy about every phone call and every e-mail he receives from his customers. The more, the better!

Khalaf's great passion is sports. He is constantly trying to improve and is constantly setting new goals. He is similarly passionate in his profession. To offer his customers the best products and the best possible service in a professional and competent way - that's what he passionately likes to do!

Joseph Mhanna, our SaaS Innovation Specialist, has recently joined EBSCO and has more than 22 years of experience in the academic libraries field. He likes exploring new technologies and fervently enjoys all kind of sports and traveling. He is always available and happy to help, unless he’s in a plane

Our Account Executives for academic libraries in the Middle East & North Africa, Leina Barsoum and Dayane Nehme, are currently a "one-woman" team. Leina and Dayane were born and raised in Lebanon. Leina Barsoum has been supporting EBSCO customers across the Middle East & North Africa with help and advice for more than seven years now. Women’s health and wellbeing are Dayane’s great passions. . With five years of experience at EBSCO, she is also able to balance her dedication to her job alongside raising her amazing three children!

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our Sales Director that is responsible for all the markets across the Middle East & North Africa. Ali Abdallah has been with EBSCO since 2004 and he is always passionate about reading and self-development.

As you have learned, working at EBSCO is more than just a profession for many of our colleagues. They love working with customers, traveling, exercising in the fresh air and, of course, eating good food. We hope you were able to get to know your contact person a little better!

In the next article, we are pleased to present you a day in the life of our local Account Executives, Leina Barsoum and Dayane Nehme.