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Aren’t You Curious About What Your Peers Are Doing?

Posted January 5, 2017 in Events & News

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One way to understand and appreciate changes in healthcare is by tracking what other health systems are doing. What are their major initiatives? Where are they spending their budgets? What products are they buying and why?


Often large organizations and institutions can do the work for you by evaluating resources and determining which resources work best. One trend we at DynaMed are happy to see is that health services throughout Europe are shifting away from UpToDate in favor of DynaMed Plus as a point-of-care tool. Within the past year, Finland Health Services, NHS Scotland, Italian National Health Service and the Stockholm County Council have all made the decision to adopt DynaMed Plus. In doing so, these sites have done their due diligence and evaluated available clinical decision support tools.

Charlotte Aberg, the librarian at Stockholm County Council, spearheaded the search for a clinical information resource. She asked clinicians to evaluate DynaMed Plus and UpToDate and provide feedback. Clinicians were happy with DynaMed Plus and it helped Aberg justify the decision to go with DynaMed Plus. One clinician noted, “DynaMed Plus is easy to navigate, is evidence-based and provides clear references. It’s much easier to use than UpToDate.”

Evaluations that look at available resources side by side and comments that highlight the ease of use and comprehensive content in DynaMed Plus are music to the ears of the team of doctors that has created DynaMed Plus. In building the resource, these clinicians looked at what their fellow physicians needed to know and how they used clinical information within their workflow. The end result is a tool that provides the information clinicians need when they need it including:

  • Specialty content
  • Evidence-based content
  • Overviews and recommendations
  • Precise search results
  • Graphics and images
  • Drug content

All of this information is included in an interface that takes advantage of how clinicians work and when and where clinicians need information as they see patients, make diagnoses and research treatment options. Evaluate DynaMed Plus, sign up for a free trial or visit the website to learn more about the “top performing” disease reference tool.

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