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Budget Pressures, Serial Costs and the Business Model

Posted April 20, 2017 in Content

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A recent article in Library Journal, “New World, Same Model : Periodicals Price Survey 2017,” by Kittie Henderson and Stephen Bosch, discusses budget pressures and keeping pace with serial costs as ongoing challenges for libraries. The article also explains the various models publishers have explored to price their content that have inevitably circled back to the annual subscription model.


The annual article reports results from publisher and library surveys regarding budgets and trends. Results from the 2017 survey identify open access as a continuing hot topic and the survey indicates that journal price data remains an important budget management criteria. However, pricing is not the only factor considered when determining value. Results are shared in a number of tables that provide context and will allow librarians to dive into the details. The article also includes a 2018 forecast for the serials marketplace and identifies future “drivers” of serials costs and publisher business models.

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For more information on how the statistics and trends identified in the article may be applied in your library, join us for a webinar as the authors share their methodology for gathering the data and writing the article.

What: Library Journal Serials Pricing Article Webinar

When: Thursday, April 27

Time: 3:00 p.m. EST

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