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Linked Data is What We (and Libraries) Have Been Waiting For

Posted July 18, 2016 in Insights & Research

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NoveList Co-Founder and Senior Director, Technology, Roger Rohweder, explains how linked data solves an important problem for libraries.


The problem is a simple one, really—libraries have great stuff, but that stuff rarely appears in web search results. The basic explanation is that library records are hidden from the web, and not built in a way that web understands. Libraries have the information about their primary resources (books) stored in a black box, in a foreign language. Web crawlers can’t reach it, and wouldn’t understand it very well even if they could. And nothing else on the web links to this data, since it is in a black box. Linked data solves that by transforming library records into digital formats that web search engines understand. This is why I believe so strongly in linked data—it brings libraries to the forefront instead of keeping them hidden.

You can read the full article on the NoveList blog.

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