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Secrets to Time Management

Posted June 2, 2016 in Insights & Research

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Chances are, most of us are guilty of poor time management at some point, whether it was procrastinating that big term paper in college or holding off on a simple email reply nowadays. But did you know that approximately 90% of employees waste at least a half an hour each work day (not including lunch or scheduled breaks)? Your employees’ perception around time management might be that it is an inherent skill. Below you can discover tips, tricks and expert advice that can help them change their thinking (and start learning) when it comes to time management.*


Create a Daily List. Assign a Letter and Update Throughout the Day.

In Brian Tracy’s book, Time Management, he discusses not only creating a daily “to-do” list, but to apply the “ABCDE Method” to help with prioritization of tasks.

A = Task must be done 1st.

B = Task should be done, but not before A

C = “Nice to do,” but 0 consequences on work performance

D = Delegate to others

E = Should not be done & should be removed

Keep visiting your list throughout the day to ensure that you are on track and to re-prioritize accordingly.

Block Out Time.

You would think that blocking out time during the day to focus on projects or tasks is a no-brainer approach when it comes to time management. However, make note of when you have the most energy in your day – for most of us that is in the morning. Use that as the period when you focus on more serious tasks or projects. Another helpful hint from EBSCO’s Competency Center? Try to schedule your meetings in the afternoon since the first half of the day is always the most productive.

If It Takes 2 Minutes. Don’t Wait.

Let’s face it, email not only can be annoying, but it can become a real time suck at work. According to time management guru, David Allen, if replying or disposing of an email takes less than two minutes, do so right away.

For emails that require more of your time, consider scheduling a recurring calendar reminder during your day as your block of time to respond to emails (and watch that Inbox shrink).

Be the Captain of Your Own (Time Management) Ship

Confidence ultimately builds control of your time. Be decisive of how time will be spent and set goals each day. The more confident you are of yourself and your achievements, the easier time management will become.

Make Learning Time Management Skills Easy for All Employees.

EBSCO Organizational Learning offers robust content and custom mapping to core company competencies, like time management, to help any employee at any level develop the skills they need to succeed. Click below to learn more.

(*All information included in the post is was sourced from our flagship learning product: Leadership & Management Learning Center™)


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