Exploring How EBSCO Engineering Supports Research and Development Needs

Research & Development | December 03, 2020

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Many research solutions are targeted at large research and development (R&D) corporations. Learn why EBSCO Engineering was developed, and how it strives to support the research needs of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) organisations.

In the engineering field, it is common for smaller organisations not to have their own libraries or information centres. That said, many do have their own Research and Development (R&D) departments with their own content requirements. Searching individual resources can equate to an unstructured and/or incomplete research experience. Researchers frequently have to use several platforms, databases and institutional resources to obtain the information they require. Many engineering researchers turn to free online resources which does not provide the most reliable or scholarly content. In some instances, individual employees may be required to purchase content themselves.

Integrity, currency and accuracy of information are of the utmost importance for all researchers. EBSCO Engineering was developed to provide engineering professionals at all levels with reliable and relevant information. It can be used on all devices, so users can conduct research anytime, anywhere.

The integration of EBSCO’s enhanced research technology with Inspec’s expert indexing makes EBSCO Engineering a versatile and valuable resource for any engineer. Even those who are not thesaurus experts or experienced searchers, are able to find and access all the information they need quickly and easily. The customizable nature of the portal helps make sure they only discover information that is relevant for their discipline within the field of engineering.

EBSCO Engineering makes it easier than ever to uncover premium information from IET, IEEE, Taylor & Francis, ACSE, Wiley and many other leading content providers in the field of engineering and technology. The quick, meaningful and intuitive research experience allows for increased quality of work output and efficient decision-making.

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