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Business Reference | May 08, 2019

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In this blog series, EBSCO Corporate Solutions outlines the research needed for companies to successfully expand into different markets.

Corporate white spacing is an important practice for companies looking to grow and expand. Through white spacing, a company can identify areas of unmet needs within their market and find opportunities for innovation. This strategy is critical to creating a successful business plan.

Of course, white spacing requires in-depth research to fully understand your industry and market. EBSCO Corporate Solutions has identified the matrix of information necessary to scope out unmet needs and create new business strategies. In previous blog posts, we’ve explored the importance of trade periodicals, competitive information and current information for white spacing research.

White spacing requires in-depth research to fully understand your industry and market

A great starting point for white spacing research is to explore relevant business reports. To begin your white spacing research, you must have a high-level understanding of your market to best identify areas for potential growth. General business reports will help you gather this information by presenting critical information that is relevant to your industry. The information found within these reports will serve as a great “starting point” that will help you to understand your market’s potential as well as it’s challenges. 

Reports that you should gather include:

  • Market Research Reports: Market research reports analyze and interpret information about a market and present how the market would react to a product or service. The information in these reports is extremely relevant when finding and developing new markets.
  • Industry Reports: Industry profiles provide an in-depth look into the industry, including its history and trajectory. These reports typically feature information regarding industry leaders and forces that are affecting the industry and financial data.
  • Country Profiles: Country profiles allow you to take an in-depth look at business operations within a country — a helpful tool if you are considering expanding globally. These documents provide a guide to the history, politics and economic background of countries.

EBSCO’s Business Source Corporate Plus offers the business information you need to complete white spacing research in one central location. With this research database, you can access more than 8,200 industry reports, 2,500 market research reports, or 1,200 country reports. 

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