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Learning & Development | January 17, 2018

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Equip your employees with the knowledge they need to effectively manage their time with these time management tips from business experts.

Time management can be a difficult skill to master. However, with the right plan, you and your employees can learn how to manage time to be more productive, organized and happier at work.

EBSCO has compiled a list of time management tips from business experts, courtesy of our corporate learning tool, Accel5™. See the top three time management recommendations below, or download our complimentary infographic to learn more.

  1. Create a daily list, assign a letter and constantly update
    Each day, when creating your “to-do” list, assign a letter to each assignment based on importance. Follow the format: A: Must be done first; B: Should be done; C: Nice to do; D: Delegate to others; E: Should not be done. Be sure to update your list as the day goes on and you complete tasks or receive more assignments.
  2. If it takes two minutes, don’t wait
    A cluttered email inbox can get you off-track fast. If replying to or disposing of an email will take you less than two minutes, always do so right away.
  3. Block out time
    Tackle your priorities when your energy is high — like in the morning. Choose a few days a week to go into the office early to avoid distractions (and get things done). 

Download EBSCO’s exclusive infographic for more time management tips. Or discover more learning content, tailored to your specific competencies, with a free trial of EBSCO’s Accel5

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