The Ultimate Guide to Building a Better Workforce: Part Seven, Bringing It All Together

accel5 | February 17, 2020

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The team at EBSCO’s Accel5® wraps up its series on building a better workforce through corporate learning.

Corporate learning is the gateway to building a better workforce, regardless of your organization’s size or scope. It provides employees with the opportunity to learn new skills, enriching company culture while simultaneously improving company output.

While every organization is different, professionals involved in corporate learning should keep the following tips in mind when designing their program:

  • Invest in the hiring process: Create a hiring strategy that will ensure attraction and retention of top performers/employees.
  • Utilize existing employees to train colleagues: Identify top-performing employees and ask them to work with their colleagues to help foster leadership development opportunities.
  • Understand and adapt to different learning styles: Offer content accessible for every learning style when crafting a corporate learning program.
  • Blend formal and informal learning practices: Provide plenty of educational opportunities using formal and informal learning.
  • Keep content consumable: Ensure educational content fits neatly into natural breaks in the workday by using microlearning. To help with this step, EBSCO is giving its readers a free trial of our microlearning platform, Accel5®.

EBSCO’s Accel5 is the perfect supplement for any corporate learning program. The microlearning platform features business book summaries, videos and articles from top thought leaders such as Herminia Ibarra, Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Kouzes, Daniel Pink, Liz Wiseman and many others. Features of Accel5 include:

  • Insight from Thought Leaders: Accel5 features exclusive content from members of “Thinkers50,” the premier global ranking of management thinkers.
  • Concise Content: Accel5 is a microlearning solution with all content designed to be consumed in just minutes.
  • Soft Skill Focus: Content in Accel5 is focused on critical soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, innovation and more.
  • Customizable Experience: Accel5 offers functionality to customize the platform to highlight the competencies most important to your organization.

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