Webinar Replay: Microlearning is a Big Deal

accel5 | April 22, 2019

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In this webinar, EBSCO for Corporate and the Brandon Hall Group discuss how microlearning can be a useful tool for leadership development training.

Leadership development is consistently considered one of the most critical areas of learning and development. However, research finds that less than half of companies believe their LD programs are effective, despite focusing significant resources on developing leaders at all levels.

It’s time to do things differently. A microlearning approach can give existing and emerging leaders the knowledge and information they need how and when they want it, with ongoing reinforcement and support.

Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Emily Hayden, Learning and Development Business Partner for EBSCO, as they explore how to utilize a microlearning approach for your leadership training initiatives.  

Discussion topics include:

  • Leadership development landscape
  • Traditional learning vs. microlearning
  • Microlearning considerations
  • Microlearning use-cases for leadership development

To learn more, watch the full webinar.  

Watch the Webinar

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