Which Research Content Profile Do You Match?

Research & Development | February 14, 2017

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There is a lot you can tell about a person when it comes to their personal preferences in life and in work, and researchers are no exception.

No two researchers are alike, and personal preferences shape which content and information resources these individuals routinely turn to for their work. In the spirit of the “what kind of ____ are you?” quizzes popular today, we thought it would be fun to put a spin on it for researchers. Just like “What Game of Thrones Character Do You Identify With?” there is a lot you can tell by a researcher’s go-to content.

Full-Text Journal Fanatic

When it comes to your primary research content, you understand that the mix of peer-reviewed and scholarly full-text journals at your disposal provide the most vetted information available today. The ability to search on a variety of topics central to your research, and connect directly to a full-text journal helps you save time and ultimately creates a comprehensive (and accurate) research landscape. The cherry on top? The ability to search thousands of full-text journals in just one click.

Conference Papers & Proceedings Person

Depending on the industry you work in, conference papers and proceedings may be the more valuable content for your research. For example, if you work in the technology industry, understanding the latest and the most cutting-edge findings from what your peers presented at conferences is the only way you can stay ahead of the competition and remain up to date on what is being discovered and worked on in your industry.

Market Research & Industry Reports Individual

If you research is part of a product development process intended to meet a consumer need, you recognize that comprehensive research includes analyzing those consumer needs first. Market research reports and industry reports offer detailed analyses about a specific market situation within a geographic area. The reports contain information on market shifts due to social, technological and economic changes. Understanding market opportunities is ultimately what directs your research and your product development.

No matter your research content profile, we offer databases that can meet your research needs. If you are a researcher in the Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology sectors, you can access over 9,500 full-text journals through Biotechnology Source™, or find a wealth of extremely useful content encompassing all areas and facets of research and development activity for a variety of industries with STM Source™.

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