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Librarianship | Everett Pine| August 07, 2018

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Everett Pine is a part-time librarian and lecturer at Oakland University and part-time Youth Services Librarian at Rochester Hills Public Library. He attended the 2018 ALA Annual Conference with the assistance of the EBSCO ALA Annual Scholarship.

I have wanted for some years to attend an ALA Annual Conference, but as a recent graduate and part-time librarian, it wasn’t financially feasible until I was honored with being a recipient of an EBSCO ALA Annual Scholarship. The scholarship not only allowed me to fulfill a career goal, but gave me the space to pick sessions that resonated with my professional interests.

Before attending, I was still trying to figure out whether academic or public librarianship was a better fit for me. At the conference, I was able to attend sessions on everything from Training Older Adults for the Latest Gadgets to Early Literacy Outreach to Underserved and Unserved Families. These opportunities fostered my desire to learn, network, and brainstorm ideas not only for the work I am currently doing, but the work I want to do. As a result, I left ALA knowing with confidence that I want to pursue more public library opportunities in the future.

I left ALA knowing with confidence that I want to pursue more public library opportunities in the future.

With this renewed confidence, I had the pleasure of accepting a part-time Youth Services position within weeks of attending the conference. The people I met and the sessions I attended no doubt will fuel the beginning of this new chapter in public libraries for me. The conference inspired many ideas for programming and library advocacy that I will be able to implement in my career now and in the future. Thank you ALA and EBSCO Information Services for offering me this opportunity. I whole heartedly encourage other early career librarians to apply for this scholarship because it is more than just a scholarship − it’s a chance to figure out what kind of librarian you want to be.

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Everett Pine
Part-time Librarian & Lecturer, Oakland University & Part-time Youth Services Librarian, Rochester Hills Public Library

Part-time Librarian & Lecturer at Oakland University and Part-time Youth Services Librarian at Rochester Hills Public Library. Everett Pine is passionate about increasing the accessibility and usability of libraries - online, in print, and in programming - for all library patrons in order to provide an inclusive learning environment. Everett has been working in the library field since 2014, receiving his MLIS and Graduate Certificate in Information Management from Wayne State University in 2016.

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