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Workflow | October 31, 2017

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By using automatic upgrades, your library can reduce the amount of user turnaways and increase e-book access.

Although Automatic for the People may bring back memories of a ‘90s era college rock album, colleges these days are enjoying a different kind of automation relative to their e-book access — automatic upgrades.

Librarians review turnaway reports frequently to see which e-books are being used and how many users have been denied a copy for viewing. In most cases, libraries typically need to manually purchase additional copies of the title or move to a higher acquisition model 3U (Three User) or UU (Unlimited User) if available, to reduce the turnaway problem.

Automatic upgrades can help reduce patron turnaways by giving users access to popular e-books in your catalog. Accessible through custom configuration settings either through EBSCOhost® Collection Manager (ECM) or GOBI®, this feature gives librarians the option to upgrade eligible e-books to less restrictive models or purchase additional copies automatically, to meet user demand.

Automatic upgrades can help reduce patron turnaways by giving users access to popular e-books in your catalog.

Here are four benefits of automatic upgrades that can help your library increase e-book access:

  1. “Zero Turnaways” –  Depending on your library's needs, you can prevent turnaways all together by enabling automatic settings - either upgrades or additional copies depending on availability. 
  2. Customizable Settings – Allow you to control how many turnaways are too many, by setting a maximum number of turnaways within a specified period of time before an upgrade is triggered to meet an increase in demand.
  3. Price Caps – By using the customizable price cap feature, your library can set the cost of each upgrade, helping you with budgeting and maintaining a limit on the amount spent per title.
  4. Automatic Notifications – Enable email alerts to be sent to multiple staff members when an automatic upgrade is triggered.

While the classic R.E.M Automatic for the People album featured memorable hits such as “Everybody Hurts” and “Ignoreland,” the new automatic upgrades feature ensures students can avoid the pain and hassle of e-book turnaways.

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