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Library Resources | July 20, 2017

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There are many ways to build a better world. Draw inspiration from your library’s arts and culture resources and create a painting or a new perspective.

Using tools, ideas or a keyboard, there are so many ways to build a better world. But there’s also a lot that gets in the way. The best tool for building is the inspiration that drives you, and second best is the knowledge you need to start your project. Here are a few ways you can devote a bit of your summer to building a better world, and a few library resources that can help you find your way:

1. Build a work of art
The difference between a pretty picture and a piece of art is the meaning behind the work. What’s stopping you from creating something that can change someone’s world, whether by writing a letter, filming a movie, penning a poem or building a birdhouse?

2. Build a business that solves a problem
Inspiration surrounds us, yet moving from an idea for a non-profit or small business to actually taking the leap can be daunting. Resources at the library can help you develop your goals, draft a business plan, assess your market and secure financing.

The library is filled with the footprints of people who were compelled to add something to the world.

3. Build a better world by building a better you
Often associated with lighter, ‘guilty pleasure’ reading, summer can also bring out the literary critic in us by allowing some freedom in our schedules to read and think. Less structured schedules and longer days are conducive to reflection. So, pack a blanket, find a shady oak, bring along a friend for some lively discussion and explore a few weightier texts. Consider the theme of identity in the text of Toni Morrison or in Plato’s “Apology.” Revisit some forgotten poetry from Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath.

The library is filled with the footprints of people who were compelled to add something to the world – something lyric or challenging or utilitarian or heart wrenching. What will you build?

For endless inspiration, try these EBSCO reference databases:

  • Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center™
  • Literary Reference Center™ Plus
  • Small Business Reference Center™
  • MasterFILE™ Complete

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