Cars and Clinical Information, They Have More in Common Than You Think

Posted January 9, 2017 in Insights & Research

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Buying a car is daunting, stressful and a huge decision to make. For most of us, we rarely go into the occasion uneducated. When it comes to this significant purchase you tap and exhaust every resource possible — friends, family, the Internet, reviews, social media, magazines and services like Consumer Reports. The ante is upped when it comes to even bigger purchases like a home.


Take a moment and think about any and every large purchase or investment you have made in your life. You dig deep and research what you can to find the information that educates you and empowers you to make the right purchasing decision for you, your family and your life. The common factor in these purchases? Quality.

This same kind of thought process also happens inside the world of hospitals. Purchasing and investing in tools for doctors to find the right information to help treat and care for patients can be extremely overwhelming. Many of those individuals or teams that are responsible for buying these products follow the same course of action that we do as consumers when faced with a significant purchase.

In conducting “purchasing research,” an important resource that hospitals turn to is KLAS. On a basic level, KLAS is like Consumer Reports — think assessments, scores and reviews for different product categories. But KLAS takes it further for healthcare professionals. KLAS is on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard and counted. The firm works with thousands of healthcare professionals and gathers pertinent information as it relates to products and services for the industry. KLAS offers vendor performance information to hospitals and health systems in the United States so that they can make the best and most informed decisions and purchase quality tools for their hospitals.

KLAS issued a report in November, 2016 entitled Clinical Decision Support 2016: Providers Expect EMRs to Drive CDS Impact. One of the categories the report covered was point-of-care tools. DynaMed Plus outscored all point-of-care reference competitors, including UpToDate, for overall product quality.

See the highlights of the KLAS review and learn more about this big win for DynaMed Plus.

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