Celebrate Graphic Novels at the Library During Will Eisner Week 2020

Librarianship | February 11, 2020

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Calling all comic and graphic novel enthusiasts, Will Eisner Week 2020 is approaching!

Will Eisner Week, an international week of events held in libraries, schools, bookstores and more, celebrates comics, graphic novel literacy, free speech and the legacy of famed American cartoonist Will Eisner. Will Eisner Week will be celebrated the week of March 1-7, 2020.

Eisner is credited for being a pioneer in the field of comic and graphic novels and strongly advocated for the inclusion of graphic novels in library collections. There are many ways librarians and educators can embrace Will Eisner Week and encourage their patrons to check out graphic novel collections.

Set Up a Graphic Novel and Comic Display in the Library

An easy way to pique interest in graphic novels and comics is to create a display of these titles in the library to encourage young (and older) readers to pick up a book. Set up a table with titles for different ages and post the collection to the library website or your social media channels for more traffic.

Run a “How-to Draw Comics and Graphic Novels” Event

Reach out to local authors and illustrators to run a drawing or storytelling event for youth and young adults,  encouraging creativity and a love for graphic novels. All you need are markers, pens, pencils, papers and of course, imagination.

Curate a Graphic Novel Art Exhibition

Celebrating the work of Will Eisner at the library is another way to showcase the graphic novel genre. Print and post images of his work and the work of other graphic artists to demonstrate the effort and detail that goes into creating these masterpieces.

Promote Youth Graphic Novel Authors

Will Eisner Week is a wonderful way to encourage readers to explore the graphic novel and comic genre. Publishers can also help highlight these titles by nominating youth graphic novel authors for the 2020 SEE-IT Awards, designed to recognize and celebrate the year’s most distinguished youth authors in this genre. Submissions close February 15, 2020.

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