Collection Development Tools. Here’s a Recipe for Academic Success

Library Resources | August 28, 2017

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E-book collection development tools can help academic libraries acquire research materials that support coursework and allow students to succeed.

Preparing your library, students and faculty with materials for the rigors of academic success is not an easy task. It’s important to have the proper research materials on hand to build out the necessary content demands for your library at the start of the year. Here is a quick list of four collection development ideas to help get you started on the right foot.   

1. Frontlist Pre-Packaged Collections

Subject Sets offer convenient, pre-packaged sets of titles chosen to meet library, faculty and student needs for new content on popular, in-demand topics. EBSCO librarians create these ready-made collections biannually, during peak acquisition periods. We’ve added 30 new Subject Sets in high-interest areas for academic libraries and classrooms with no title duplication in any set.

Featured Collections provide quick access to a list of titles covering a range of different topics within a particular subject area. EBSCO’s collection development team has created more than 200 collections that simplify title development by providing hand-picked, award-winning content including these most accessed e-book collections:    

  • Choice Outstanding Academic Titles (OAT)
  • Academic Award Winners
  • GOBI Core Titles – U.S and U.K.
  • GOBI Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Emerging Degrees
  • Library and Information Science

2. The Value of Subscription Collections

E-book Subscription Collections are the preferred access model of academic librarians, according to the Library Journal survey on Ebook Usage in U.S. Academic Libraries 2016. Seventy-nine percent of libraries rely heavily on subscription models which provide researchers a critical mass of diverse content with unlimited user access to hundreds of thousands of resources from a variety e-book publishers. The three benefits of the subscription model include:

  • Content – Subscriptions contain large selections of popular titles in multiple, high-interest subject areas that add a strong layer of foundational content essential to course curricula and research. In most cases, additional titles are added throughout the year at no extra cost.
  • Access – Subscriptions provide unlimited usage. Librarians prefer unlimited user access with their e-book purchases to reduce turnaways and provide access to all students.
  • Pricing – The cost of subscriptions is well below the cost of purchasing perpetual access to all the e-books available under the subscription. It’s a great way to offer a large amount of discoverable content at a low per-title cost.

79% of libraries rely heavily on subscription models which provide researchers a critical mass of diverse content with unlimited user access to hundreds of thousands of resources from a variety e-book publishers.

A great collection development tool to jump start your students e-book content research needs, EBSCO’s recently updated Academic Subscription Collection provides unlimited access to a large selection of multidisciplinary e-books (over 160,000) representing a broad range of academic subjects.

3. Let Audiobooks Tell You the Story

Audiobooks offer students an alternative format for learning by providing audible access to books outside of their own field of study, giving them opportunities to catch up on latest trends. They are also a great way to learn foreign languages and can be used as a welcome break to listen to popular, award-winning titles from top actors and narrators. With over 70,000 titles to choose from and access to listen on mobile devices with our Audiobook app, some of our popular collections include:

  • Award Winners
  • Classics
  • Popular Narrators
  • Popular Fiction
  • Drive-Time
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy  

4. Using Automatic Upgrades Saves Time and Frustration

When buying e-book collections, you have the peace of mind that copies of your purchased e-books will always be available. Recently released to ensure library researchers avoid turnaways and have access to all of your e-books in your digital catalog, automatic upgrades provides workflow solutions such as uninterrupted access to titles and features that allow:

  • Custom configuration settings in EBSCOhost® Collection Manager (ECM)
  • Libraries to set a threshold of patron turnaways
  • Eligible e-books to be automatically upgraded to less restrictive models and additional copies to be purchased
  • Invoicing options on upgrades and purchases through EBSCO or GOBI® Library Solutions
  • Libraries meet users’ needs while keeping to their budget

Watch the video.  

So much goes into planning for the new academic year. We hope the above e-book collection tools will help you get a jump start with your library content planning.

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