A Survey of Collection Development Trends in Academic Libraries

Workflow | March 15, 2018

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Library Journal conducted an in-depth survey examining collection development trends in academic libraries. See what they discovered and download the infographic.

The best way to learn about trends in collection development in academic libraries is to hear from librarians themselves. How do they structure their collections? When do they choose to acquire a print book, and when do they choose to acquire an e-book?  How do they choose where to purchase print books and e-books? 

To learn about and share how academic librarians approach collection development, Library Journal conducted an in-depth survey, collecting responses from 282 academic librarians involved in the recommendation or purchasing process of materials for their library. And, there were lots of insights to share. For example, did you know that the top three acquisition models used most often for e-book purchasing are title-by-title, eCollections and subscriptions? Or that review sites are the top places that librarians look to find books?   

View the infographic for a link to the full survey results and to see highlights from the survey, including:

  • How print books and e-books fit into a library’s collection development budget
  • Top challenges librarians face in collection development
  • Most popular disciplines for print books and for e-books
  • What drives format preference to purchase print books vs. e-books
  • Where academic libraries choose to purchase print books and e-books

Download the Infographic

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