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Library Resources | Joe Tragert| June 04, 2019

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EBSCO Information Services continues to expand the notion of “discovery” and its commitment to providing the highest-quality experience to researchers.

They say, “nobody likes change.” But is that true of the tools we — and patrons — employ every day in the library? Probably not if it means that the technology we rely on hasn’t kept up with the technology we use in other facets of our lives.  

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) devotes considerable resources to maintaining and improving EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS), keeping pace with the marketplace and the evolving needs of libraries and end users alike.

EBSCO implements an agile methodology geared toward quickly and efficiently releasing enhanced functionality with the overarching goal being to maximize user experience. EBSCO compiles data, determines priorities and uses a roadmap approach to systematic, cohesive improvements and additions to our service, from content and performance to usability and administration.

Always customer-focused, EBSCO uses various methods for gathering and utilizing feedback from libraries and end users, such as:

  • Customer polling
  • Advisory feedback
  • Dedicated customer testing of research
  • Market analyses
  • Panel participation
  • Direct site visits
  • Focus groups
  • User testing

EBSCO continues to expand the notion of “discovery” and its commitment to providing the highest-quality experience to researchers.

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The goal of any good user interface is to roll out changes that not only make sense for today’s customers but also cause as little disruption as possible to existing workflows. The downside of this is that some of our best work goes unnoticed. With that in mind, we thought it would be good to look back at some of the upgrades and enhancements, big and small, to EDS, over the past few years.

  • Expansion of multilanguage searching (searching in more than 50 languages supported)
  • Multiple/Consortia catalog support improvements (location limiter supports the ordering of catalogs and setting of default locations; real-time availability checking with location information; enhanced catalog name and location information)
  • Enhanced catalog detail records include related information (e.g. Reviews of This Title, Similar Books, Other Books by This Author, and Summaries from Literary Reference Center [if subscribed])
  • Real-time availability checking (RTAC) enhancements
  • Widgets available on the Detailed Record
  • Two new source types available for catalog records: videos and audio
  • New radio buttons enable users to enter terms and select the Keyword, Title or Author radio buttons to focus results
  • When limiting to full text, catalog records can be included.
  • Administrators can control the order in which full text links appear on the result list (e.g. CustomLinks to full text available from a publisher)
  • Catalog records that represent e-books can be set to have an e-book publication type display
  • Hit Counts on Facets
  • Peer-reviewed status classification completed for more than 100,000 journals, enhancing the peer-reviewed limiter
  • More than 70 partnerships with library technology companies worldwide
  • Discipline Limited Searching
  • Citation search
  • Hyperlinked database names
  • Enhanced subject precision
  • Google authentication
  • COUNTER 5 report support
  • Responsive design
  • GDPR compliance
  • Ability to merge MyEBSCO folders

EBSCO continues to expand the notion of “discovery” and its commitment to providing the highest-quality experience to researchers. To this end, EBSCO invests heavily in technology talent making it one of the most innovative technology partners in the industry.

As a leading producer and provider of content and services, EBSCO is committed to serving the needs of researchers from libraries of all types and sizes. By bringing together premium content that is not available anywhere else online with the innovative services libraries and other institutions need, EBSCO continues to serve the library community through innovation.

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