Helping First-Year College Students Overcome the Research Hurdle

Library Resources | June 27, 2017

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Learn about a few features and customization options in EBSCO Discovery Service that can make research easier for first-year college students.

Although U.S. colleges and universities are on summer break, library strategies for the next academic year are being planned. Part of those strategies are ways to help first-year college students feel comfortable using the library resources and the information tools provided. Here are a few ways EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) can help.

Put Popular Information Front and Center

Placards ensure that first-year college students can easily find the data they are looking for. By positioning information or popular research content at the top of search results in EDS, users can quickly connect with the right information for their research and remove the guesswork of searching. Research Starters are a type of custom placard offered in EDS. Placards also provide links to citable, authoritative summary articles for thousands of popular research topics. If first-year college students search “nature,” the featured database/journal placard for the journal Nature will appear in the EDS results, guiding students to research topics within that specific journal. Similar functionality exists for users looking for specific databases. By anticipating what your users are looking for and providing guidance through custom placards, libraries can ensure an easy research experience.

“Link” the Dots

First-year college students are accustomed to the instantaneous results of technology and the web, and this expectation will be applied to their research, no matter how in-depth they need to go. Satisfy this “quick access need” by providing one-click links to full-text articles directly from EDS search results. You can even take your full-text linking to the next level via customizable linking technology offered in EDS — this allows you to have control of where you want your first-year college students to land and makes their connection to full text, fast, easy and concise.

Narrow Their Focus

Certain students will be studying very specific majors. For example, if your college or university has a music department, building a subject-specific page in EDS allows for a truly custom and seamless experience for first year college students. This type of customization helps filter out the information noise for users, provides them with a targeted research experience and improves the precision of a first-year college student’s search.

These and other features of EDS like EBSCO Apps & Cloud Services can create a more customized and seamless research experience, not just for first-year college students but for all levels — both undergraduate and graduate.

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