Five Ways to Market Digital Magazines in Libraries

Library Resources | January 08, 2019

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Looking to boost awareness of your library’s digital magazines? Here are five easy ways to market these offerings to your library patrons.

Magazines are an easy and effective way for libraries to appeal to readers of all ages in a format that is fun and appealing. While the concept of digital magazines somewhat sells itself, there are some marketing tactics that you can employ to create buzz and increase awareness of your library’s digital magazine service.

1. Watch a brief marketing tutorial

For your digital magazine service to be successful, it must be visible to patrons who are at your location or on your website. Check out the new Flipster video that provides impactful ways to increase visibility and drive usage of Flipster digital magazines. Watch now.

2. Request a free web carousel and download ready-made digital banner ads

The easiest and quickest way to alert your library patrons about your digital newsstand is to request a complimentary Flipster web carousel that can be placed on your library’s homepage. The carousel rotates through your library’s magazines and invites website visitors to click for more information. Another way to advertise your digital magazine service is to use EBSCO’s ready-made banner ads in a variety of shapes and sizes. Get started by requesting a Flipster carousel or downloading our free banner ads.

3. Write a press release (Use this for a new service or change of vendor)

Once you sign the contract to onboard a new digital magazine platform or change your digital magazine vendor, leverage your existing relationships with the local press (or use announcements about new services to build such relationships) to tell your community that the new service is available or coming soon. But how? A press release is an easy way to get the news out to the local media who may pick up your story and spread the word for you.

Use our template and include these key points:

  • Step 1: Strong Headline to Grab Attention
  • Step 2: Concise Press Release Body Copy
  • Step 3: Add a Quote from a Library Figurehead
  • Step 3: Give a Brief Library History or Description
  • Step 4: Provide Location and Contact Information

Once your release is ready, you can:

  • Post it to the news section on your library website and push people to it by using your social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Send it directly to local reporters via email AND through the U.S. Postal Service (it doubles your chances of being seen.)
  • Use a free service such PRLOG at
  • Use a paid service such as PR Newswire at or Business Wire at

While the concept of digital magazines somewhat sells itself, there are some easy marketing tactics that your library can employ to create buzz and increase awareness of your library’s digital magazine service.

4. Build buzz with social media, blogs and email marketing

As a librarian, you have a unique perspective on the world. You see a variety of people using your services for different reasons. Use your observations as ways to generate interest in your library’s services. Have you noticed people or students reading a certain issue of Entrepreneur? Ask them why, and write social media posts or a blog post about it.

Does your library have social media channels? If so, schedule a few posts that advertise your digital magazine offerings and include information on the various types of magazines that are available to patrons.

If your library collects user email addresses, consider sending a monthly newsletter to keep library members aware of new services, as well as upcoming activities. LibraryAware is a helpful resource that includes newsletter templates and readers’ advisory tools.

5. Printed Materials and Handouts

A blended approach of online and onsite resources is a good way to market your library’s services to a diverse and multi-generational community of potential users.

Here’s a list of complimentary ready-made printed resources located on that help to increase awareness and boost digital magazine views and downloads.

  • Flyers (In PDF and Word Formats)
  • Posters (In PDF and Word Formats)
  • Tent Cards
  • Rack Cards
  • Stickers and Labels
  • Bookmarks and Access Cards

Make a big impact with your print marketing resources by following these simple steps:

  1. Hang posters and flyers in high-traffic areas
  2. Place tent and rack cards near the periodicals section
  3. Fasten labels and stickers to the print versions of magazines that are also available digitally
  4. Hand out bookmarks and access cards to all members with information about the digital magazine service

The best way to see if something is a good fit for your organization is to take it for a test run. Visit and click “Request Information” at the top of the homepage. 

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