Four Ways Librarians Can Help College-Bound Students Succeed

Technology | December 09, 2019

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Learn how a discovery service helps librarians empower students to feel successful with research.

It’s not always easy to navigate an unfamiliar course. Students may encounter obstacles along the way — obstacles that can trip them up or overwhelm them. The inexperienced hiker depends on maps and signs to point him in the right direction. The fledgling runner depends on his track coach to inspire him with words of encouragement. For high school students, the research process can be equally daunting. That is why access to an easy-to-use research tool containing trustworthy information resources is critical to student success — in high school and beyond.

For example, Joe is a sophomore in high school. He wants to write a research paper about climate change. Armed with a working thesis, he starts searching the web. He finds a lot of information. But which information is best? Which is accurate? How is it (or can it be) cited? The way is unclear, and Joe is overwhelmed. His eyes sting; his head hurts. With exhaustion mounting and confidence shattered, Joe contemplates giving up. The climb seems endless.

Fortunately, Joe finds salvation just a few steps down the hall in the school library. Like a good track coach, the librarian helps Joe overcome his research hurdles by showing him how to search, sort, filter, and access relevant, reliable information using the library’s discovery service. He can search across all the library’s resources, save articles in a folder (or to Google Drive) for future reference, and easily create citation lists. Suddenly, Joe is energized. He is inspired. Thanks to his librarian’s guidance and the library’s helpful resources, he will reach the finish line. His paper complete and his confidence renewed, Joe is ready for the next challenge.

As a school librarian, you are in an excellent position to prepare college-bound students like Joe for success. Download the infographic to learn how a discovery service can help.

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