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Library Resources | Cristina Ochoa| June 12, 2020

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For more than twenty years, Atla and EBSCO have partnered to offer key research tools in religion and theology.

Recently, Atla and EBSCO implemented updates to a few of Atla’s research databases, available on the EBSCOhost platform — Atla Religion Database® (Atla RDB®), AtlaSerials® (Atlas®), and AtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®). Read about these new developments from Atla Product Specialist Cristina Ochoa.

Significant Additions to Atla Religion Database

Atla Religion Database now includes more than 2.9 million records, with more than 1,080 journals currently being indexed and including content from 76 countries in more than 40 languages. Our in-house editorial team is comprised of more than ten subject experts with academic specializations in religion, theology, anthropology and philosophy. They work to create a robust and diverse content collection for our users, providing comprehensive metadata using our recently revamped thesaurus, and increasing the scope of our content offerings by indexing new content like essay collections and open access material.

Major Growth in Full-text Collections

Starting with just 50 full-text titles in 2001, Atla now offers more than 530 full-text journals from around the world. We have a strong focus on increasing Atla’s global content mix, bolstered by activities such as meeting with publishers (in-person and virtually) and speaking with researchers and scholars about the content they find useful. Atla partners with publishers of the highest quality scholarship in religious studies and theology, including commercial publishers, as well as non-profit institutions and societies.


Facts & Figures Update

All the facts, figures and title lists for Atla research tools, including but not limited to, Atla Religion Database, Atlas, and Atlas PLUS, are now updated to reflect the most recent content available.

Atla April 2020 Numbers

The Enduring Value of Scholarly Research: Atla Includes Ceased Journal Titles in Research Tools

Many ceased journals were seminal publications in their time, often with devoted readerships in communities that no longer exist in the same form. This blog post highlights Atla’s commitment to seeking out these historically significant publications and ensuring their scholarly significance persists.

Atla’s vocabulary has expanded to include more than 80,000 topical headings, 17,000 geographic headings, and hundreds of thousands of name and title headings.

Focus on Asia: Atla Continuing Content Expansion

In addition to expanding content globally, Atla is specifically working to include as many interdisciplinary, unique, and specialized sources from Asia as possible, expanding upon current coverage areas by listening and learning from scholars, publishers and other information providers. 

New Year, New Vocabulary

Atla’s vocabulary has expanded to include more than 80,000 topical headings, 17,000 geographic headings and hundreds of thousands of name and title headings. After a year of preparation, which included collaborating with EBSCO to ensure a smooth transition, Atla has begun a retrospective vocabulary clean-up with plans to adopt a (mostly) faceted vocabulary, making syntax rules simpler and terms easier to apply, all while remaining an effective retrieval tool. 

Atla New Vocabulary

Work with Atla to Index Essay Collections

Starting in June, Atla will start sharing quarterly updates for newly added essay collections being indexed in Atla Religion Database. This new content series is the result of an organizational initiative to expand the indexing of essay collections (also known as contributed works) and edited volumes and multi-author works, allowing Atla to feature hard-to-find content for our users.

An Overview of Our Updates to Our Subscription Products

The Atla team conducts ongoing maintenance of and improvement to our tools, which involve both actively incorporating feedback from our users and continually internally evaluating our products. Our top priority is to ensure the highest quality and experience for our users so that they can do the work they need to do. Learn more about the top updates we implemented in 2019.

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Cristina Ochoa
Product Specialist, Atla

Cristina Ochoa is Product Specialist at Atla overseeing customer research and new product development. In this role, Cristina is the primary liaison, internally leading projects and streamlining processes, and externally collaborating with key partners and stakeholders, such as EBSCO, on user relationships, marketing, and new product initiatives.

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