How to Get the Most Out of Your Library Events

Technology | February 21, 2019

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One obstacle to hosting productive library events tends to be the very tool you’re using to schedule these events. Your library’s events management tool functions for can make or break a library event.

A published report from the Pew Research Center includes a quote from a library patron that best sums up patron opinions when it comes to most library events: “There’s so much good stuff going on but no one tells anybody.” Most of your patrons are unaware of all that your library offers –especially when it comes to library events.

Your staff works hard to create diverse and engaging library events, so ideally getting people to attend should not be difficult. One obstacle to hosting successful library events tends to be the very tool you’re using to schedule these events. How the system integrates into the library website and how well the events management tool functions for patrons and the back-end administrator can make or break everything related to the library event – from staff collaboration to marketing and event attendance. For Sam Tyson, at Charleston County Public Library (CCPL), that was his exact problem when he started managing their digital content and library website.

The main blocker to effective library events tends to be the very tool you’re using to schedule these events.

Prior to updating the approach to library events at CCPL, the team was faced with a lack-luster user experience. The full list of events could not be shown on the library website, links led to static PDFs and distinct event URLS couldn’t be shared on social media and through other marketing initiatives. This led Sam to reevaluate not only the events management tool but to explore changing the digital approach to all of CCPL’s website content.

Once the team had a user-friendly events system in place, they moved onto examining their marketing and promotional tactics. Creating a cyclical promotion strategy for their events helped the library. Sam notes that once CCPL sets a timeline for the promotional schedule of a library event, the event is promoted through many social media platforms, but also has a reserved space on the library website (including the top homepage banner). Utilizing event photography, the content team re-promotes the event as a “wrap-up promotion”.

The combination of a user-friendly events management platform and a succinct marketing strategy has created success for library events. Watch the webinar to see the path Sam chose for CCPL and how his team redefined the way their library executes and promotes events.

Events and Room Bookings: How to Go from Oh...My to Oh, Wow! Webinar from EBSCO on Vimeo.

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