Job and Career Resources: A Play in Three Acts

Library Resources | May 17, 2018

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Read through the following three-act play, set at a local public library, to find ways to promote your library’s job and career resources to patrons.

Meet Dave, Mary and Ella. While each is in a different stage of life, they are all are looking for job and career resources from their public library. While they may not know the extent of the resources available at their library, you do, so here are some scenarios that may be familiar, and ways to promote your job and career resources to patrons. 

Act I:

Librarian: “Hi Dave, good to see you. Can I help you find anything else today?”

Dave: “No thanks, I just wanted to check out these books on writing a resume. I’m applying to internship openings this summer.”

Librarian: “That’s great! We have some excellent online resources you can use as well. LearningExpress® Job & Career Accelerator actually has templates you can use to build your resume and cover letter. You can also search for internship using the job search feature.”

Dave: “Really? That sounds great! Do you mind showing it to me?”

Act II:

Librarian: “Hi Mary, it’s great to see you! How has your florist shop been doing?”

Mary: “Great, but busy. I have to file my taxes soon.”

Librarian: “Actually, I’ve been meaning to tell you that we just added a database called Small Business Reference Center™ and it has some great resources on taxes for small businesses.”

Mary: “Really? I could certainly use some advice. It’s good knowing it comes from a reliable resource, too.”

Librarian: “Definitely. We always make sure our patrons have sources they can trust. We should take some time to go through it together. There are lots of components that I think you’d find useful.”

Mary: “Wow, that would be great. Thanks for going above and beyond. I just came in for a book!”

Act III:

Ella: “Hi, do you have the most recent copy of Bloomberg Businessweek? I have a job interview next week and I want to make sure I do my research.”

Librarian: “The print copy has been checked out, but have you ever used Business Source Complete? Not only will you see content from Bloomberg Businessweek, but nearly 2,200 other full-text journals and magazines as well.”

Ella: “That sounds perfect. I’m on my way to an appointment, is there a way I can use it at home?”

Librarian: “Yes! Just go to the library website and follow the instructions to log on.”

In one form or another, chances are you’ve met patrons like Dave, Mary and Ella. Take this opportunity to support your community by offering the best job and career resources at your library. For more information and to request a free trial, click the link below.

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