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Workflow | November 15, 2016

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Lauren Bordelon, Public Relations Librarian for Lafourche Parish Public Library in Louisiana, provides an overview of her experience using and promoting Flipster, the digital newsstand for libraries, and the impact it has made in her community.

As the needs and wants of our customers change, so do the services and materials we offer at Lafouche Parish Public Library. Lots of factors alter the landscape of LPPL’s branches and what can be found in them daily, but they also alter what can be found outside of them. We like to say our website is our tenth branch, with as many resources available to the public on it as can be found within the four walls of our physical libraries. But it all starts with knowing what your customers want and making sure you get right what you could possibly get wrong.

The Push for Digital

As tablets and e-readers gained popularity and accessibility, particularly among the members of the Lafourche Parish communities, the library needed to provide digital content customers could read on mobile devices. Books were the first digital content circulated, but demand dictated that more was needed. In rolled Flipster, and Lafourche Libraries never looked back!

Access and Ideas for the Holidays

As we gear up for the holidays, we’re especially happy to offer our customers Flipster. First, many folks in our community take time off during the holidays. Being connected to our library during this leisure time is something we consider when providing services. We always see an uptick in Flipster circulation during this time of year. Second, because of the variety of magazine offered, as well as the ability for LPPL to purchase titles best suited to our customers’ needs, we are able to provide relevant content during the holidays. HGTV Magazine, Food Network Magazine, and New Orleans Magazine are heavily checked out are this time of year. Food dictates the way of life in Louisiana, and we know it!

Getting the Word Out

Finally, many people give and receive digital reading devices for gifts this time of year. What better time to promote the library services customers can take advantage of on these devices!

But how do we promote?

  • Programs: We offer how-to programs for people who want to learn to use an iPad or Kindle, and we highlight Flipster as an example of a library service that can be accessed electronically through our website.
  • Facebook: If someone is using a device to check Facebook, we can catch them at that time and promote services such as Flipster to them.
  • Word of Mouth: Many times our customers visit the library in person to have staff help them learn to use their new devices. This is the best possible time for our “front line” staff to promote the services LPPL offers for use on these devices.

Learn more about Lafourche Parish Public Library and their experience with Flipster by watching the online webinar Finding Flipster: One Library’s Journey from Print to Digital Magazines. Learn more about Flipster by clicking the button below.

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