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Technology | March 15, 2017

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Efforts to improve end user access highlight the importance of full-text linking, blending backend workflows with user-facing resources. A new EBSCO video demonstrates the approaches EBSCO Discovery Service takes to support this important library choice.

There are multiple factors at play to consider the optimal approach for full-text linking. Libraries must have full control over the source of their full text and be able to readily define their preferences. Much of this comes down to ease of configuration. With multiple content providers, libraries need to determine the priority of links and how end users will identify and follow them.

EBSCO customers can easily choose their full-text preferences within the admin module for EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) — selecting not only which full text is available, but the order of their links, and how to present them. EBSCO also provides open, interoperable systems that offer flexibility to librarians looking to customize their workflows and user experiences as they see fit. EBSCO has service teams of expert librarians available to help libraries improve access to full text content and determine the best approaches to full-text linking.

With EDS, libraries have a bevy of options to optimize linking, and EBSCO is at the forefront of the issues around link resolver improvement, identifying link origins, automated holdings, etc. To gain a sense of the flexibility and the linking approaches supported with EDS, watch the brief video below.

Watch the Video

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