New Long Overdue Podcast Series: Cultivating Your Library’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Librarianship | May 11, 2020

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We are pleased to be launching a new Long Overdue podcast series, “Cultivating Your Library’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.” Tune in to our first episode.

At a time when so many lives have been upended by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, opportunities still exist for innovation and entrepreneurial ideas to flourish. This is especially true for libraries as they strive to find new and creative ways of serving their communities.

Even before the phrases “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” became part of our daily lexicon, EBSCO had begun work on a new Long Overdue podcast series, “Cultivating Your Library’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.” The goal of the series, which launched in early May, is to share ideas and resources that can help libraries position themselves as incubators for economic development.

With millions filing for unemployment, libraries will soon find themselves playing an important role not only in helping people find work, but also in providing the tools and resources they’ll need to pursue small business ventures, improve workplace skills, and become better employees.

In our first episode, Duncan Smith, founder of NoveList® and EBSCO’s Chief Strategist for Public Libraries, talks with Rob Herndon, president of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, a social enterprise dedicated to expanding human potential through entrepreneurship education and training. In their discussion, Duncan and Rob debunk some myths about entrepreneurs and share how developing an entrepreneurial mindset can help people achieve academic, professional and personal success.

Learning about the entrepreneurial mindset for someone who is thinking of exploring an entrepreneurial venture is critical. Because the ideas are so applicable to what makes us human, they become very empowering, especially in these times of great uncertainty. – Rob Herndon, President, Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative

In our second episode, which will be released in June, Duncan will interview Nancy Kishpaugh, senior services manager at the Independence Public Library in Kansas, and Jim Correll, director of the Fab Lab entrepreneur program at Independence Community College.

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