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Librarianship | Brian Kennedy| March 12, 2019

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See how Brian Kennedy, a Collection Development Manager at GOBI® Library Solutions, helps librarians build the best possible collections for their libraries.

Brian Kennedy is a Collection Development Manager at GOBI® Library Solutions from EBSCO. Learn more about Brian, his background and how his expertise helps GOBI Library Solutions provide the right books to libraries.

What did you do prior to joining GOBI Library Solutions?

I’ve been a census-taker, a post-hole digger, a dishwasher, a student, a landscaper, a stagehand, a bartender, a carpenter’s assistant, a materials technician, a playwright, a stock room clerk, a publicity man, a naturalist, an actor, a musician, a philosophy teacher, and was once even hired as an extra for a Japanese television show.

How long have you worked at GOBI Library Solutions? What is your current job title?

I’ve worked at GOBI for over ten years in a variety of roles. I’m currently a Collection Development Manager, covering accounts in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. CDMs serve as the primary point of contact between our customers and the company, and we’re tasked with managing that relationship for the mutual benefit of both.

I help libraries by making sure they’re taking full advantage of what GOBI has to offer - trying to build them the best possible collection, through the most efficient workflow, to maximize every dollar they spend. 

What do you do in a typical day?

It depends on whether I’m working at home, or out visiting libraries. At home, I spend most of my time writing or answering email and talking on the phone with either customers or colleagues. On the road, I’m meeting with librarians to see how GOBI’s products and services can best help optimize their acquisitions workflow. There is no typical visit to a library. It can be as simple as a one-on-one conversation in someone’s office over coffee, or a multi-day extravaganza with training, profile revisions, and presentations. Often times the most stressful part of a visit is finding a place to park!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Though the travel can be a bit grueling at times, it’s still my favorite part of the job. Every trip is an adventure, and I never know what I’ll get to experience – whether it be holding a first edition Tennessee Williams book, a chance to see Galileo’s own marginalia in a customer’s special collection, or even an Uber driver in Denver trying to convince me that he and I are both beings of light come from Venus two million years ago to spread love throughout the world. (I’m not lying, that actually happened – an interesting twenty minutes, I assure you.)      

How does what you do help libraries?

I help libraries by making sure they’re taking full advantage of what GOBI has to offer - trying to build them the best possible collection through the most efficient workflow, to maximize every dollar they spend.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My wife and I have five lovely young children to care for, as well as two dogs, three cats, and two rats. Getting everything done gracefully in the day-to-day is always a challenge, not to mention the more long-term projects and responsibilities that keep our household shipshape.  There’s very little of this “free time” you speak of, but when we do catch a bit, lately we’ve been reading the works of William Shakespeare with the kids, and also watching reality television about people with addictions to extreme hoarding. Both are fascinating studies of the human condition, and complement each other nicely.

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Brian Kennedy
Collection Development Manager, GOBI® Library Solutions

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