A Conversation with Mona Lisa Faris, President and Founder of DiversityComm, Inc.

Library Resources | Mona Lisa Faris| March 18, 2019

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Meet Mona Lisa Faris, President and Founder of DiversityComm, Inc., publisher of six diversity-focused magazines designed to support and promote equal employment opportunity in the workplace.

DiversityComm, Inc., is a groundbreaking publisher with a mission to ensure equal opportunity for people in all aspects of business and employment. This innovative company is led by President and Founder Mona Lisa Faris, a woman with an unforgettable name and a powerful and empowering message to help employers and employees find strength in diversity.

With Women’s History Month upon us, we spoke with Mona Lisa about DiversityComm, Inc., asked her how she became a leader of diversity and equal employment opportunity, what role libraries have played in her path to success and why libraries should consider offering their readers digital access to diversity publications. Here is what she had to say:

1. What is the mission/goal of DiversityComm, Inc.?
Since we are a magazine focusing on diversity and inclusion, we offer employment and supplier diversity opportunities to Fortune 500 companies. If you’re looking for a job or want to provide your small business services to these companies, simply apply through the link located in the digital advertisement in the magazines. These advertisers are actively seeking diverse candidates and have openings.

2. What publications do you offer?
We offer six different magazines. Each one has its own opportunities, distribution, website, social media platforms and demographics. There’s one for everyone: Black EOE Journal, HISPANIC Network Magazine, Professional WOMAN’s Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, Diversity in STEAM and DIVERSEability Magazine. We even have two magazines and one e-newsletter focusing on LGBTQ+ opportunities.

3. How did you become a leader for diversity and equal employment opportunity?
We’ve stayed the leader by keeping our hands on the heartbeat of diversity. This means we embrace necessary technical changes. For example, our digital magazine is now 508 compliant, making it accessible to all candidates. With the digital age among us, we understand the speed of technology. We’ve built experienced teams focusing on digital marketing and have specialized teams for social media. We’re not just an employment and business magazine, we’re also a Diversity Public Relations Media Partner. We want readers to know who’s out there, not just actively seeking candidates, but going beyond the call of duty and offering a workplace environment driven by mutual respect. As the founder and believer in diversity, it’s my true desire to not only assist all people but also learn about the latest issues within diversity by attending conferences throughout the year. I not only walk the floor—I listen to the keynote speakers, interview the organization executives, find their missions, learn their obstacles, attend workshops, sit on panels, and speak with attendees and sponsors to find paths to equal opportunity and overall diversity and inclusion. Besides being a journalist and reporter, I’m a news fanatic! I find strength in diversity.

4. What did you want to be when you were young? 
News reporter/anchor

5. What courses did you study in college?
Speech Communication, Debate, Marketing, Intercultural Communications, Journalism, Business and Sociology

6. What role models did you look up to?
Diane Sawyer, Christiane Amanpour and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada—just kidding!

7. What courses/eBooks/webinars/magazines made an impact on your career path or made you think differently about your career goals?
I was invited to join the Speech Forensic Team in college, and that changed my life. My teacher was my coach and gave me the confidence to do what I’m doing. I never realized my talents, passions and capabilities until he supported me.

We want readers to know who’s out there, not just actively seeking candidates, but going beyond the call of duty and offering a workplace environment driven by mutual respect.

8. What impact did your local or school library have on your development?
The library was a huge impact when I went to school—there was no internet. With that said, I actually took a job during college as a librarian so that I could read, research and expand my knowledge. Remember, I’m a news maniac and I loved school, so this was a pleasure for me. It wasn’t work to me. “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  

9. What are you reading currently or have read recently that helps you stay current in your craft?
What haven’t I read? Well, probably astronomy; I’ve read everything else. I’m on every newsletter and news outlet, and I love LinkedIn! It’s a world of information all day long! I’m currently reading Gary Sinise’s new book, the Grateful American. 

10. What recommendations can you give to women specifically about how to achieve their goals in today's environment?
To achieve your goals today, first start by knowing yourself. Find your strengths, passions and capabilities, then find a mentor. Make a plan, set small goals and do something every day to get closer to that goal. I would also recommend staying around positive, like-minded people and join organizations that promote women or your passions, whatever they may be.

11. Why should libraries consider adding DiversityComm, Inc. magazines to their collections?
Because there’s nothing like them out there. You’ll not only read about celebrities on the forefront of diversity, you’ll also read about how and why companies believe strongly that diversity matters and what they’re doing to make their teams more diverse. You’ll read about individuals, students and how they climbed the corporate ladder, or the small business owner who started in their garage and now their product is at every Walmart. There’s something for everyone: those who are single, married, a veteran, a woman, LGBTQ+, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and those located in HUBZones or disadvantaged locations. Finally, while we entice readers with our popular celebrity covers, the real meat and potatoes and other diverse superstars are all inside each issue. You’ll leave each issue saying, “I didn’t know that,” or you’ll share it, share it, share it!

12. Why do you feel that EBSCO is a strong partner in helping to distribute DiversityComm, Inc. magazines digitally via Flipster to libraries around the world?
We believe EBSCO is a strong partner because we are like-minded and have similar goals. Like DiversityComm, EBSCO has a dedicated and supportive team, great customer service, multiple markets, such as schools, libraries, corporate, and even government institutions for us to display, distribute and share our magazine titles. Like DiversityComm, EBSCO is financially stable, experienced, and the leader in their industry. Finally, they offer digital subscriptions like no other! They are a pleasure to work with. They know our needs and assist us in reaching our goals.

Check out a free digital issue of Professional WOMAN’s Magazine for interviews with influential women and insightful tips to help promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

It’s easy to offer DiversityComm, Inc. publications to your readers. All six magazines are available digitally through Flipster, EBSCO’s digital magazine newsstand. Click below to request a free trial or start your subscriptions online using EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM), the easiest way to manage your library's e-book, audiobook and digital magazine collections. Need an account? Request one now.

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Mona Lisa Faris
President and Founder, DiversityComm, Inc.

As the President and Founder of DiversityComm, Inc., the proud publisher of Black EOE Journal, DIVERSEability Magazine, Diversity in STEAM Magazine, HISPANIC Network Magazine, Professional WOMAN’s Magazine, and U.S. Veterans Magazine, Mona Lisa Faris is not your everyday kind of woman. She has been nationally recognized with many accolades and awards, including the Disabled Veteran Media Achievement Award from the California Disabled Veteran Business Alliance, Top Champion of Diversity by DiversityBusiness.com, Remarkable Woman and Champion for Diversity by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Best Microsite Content in recognition of Professional WOMAN’s Magazine’s award-winning E-newsletter by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), Continuous Outstanding Support from the Federally Employed Women (FEW), OC Metro’s Orange County California’s Women Making a Difference, as well as the magazine’s Ten Most Influential Women.

Mona Lisa is a frequent keynote speaker, serves as a panelist, moderator or participant at diversity conferences nationwide, and is often quoted in publications and newspapers for her insight on issues of diversity and equal employment opportunity. 

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