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Technology | Michael Zeoli | December 13, 2016

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Academic libraries are shrinking, while content is growing. How did we get here? This article by Michael Zeoli, Vice President of Content Development & Partner Relations at GOBI Library Solutions (formerly YBP Library Services), on No Shelf Required, examines the complexity of book acquisition models available to academic libraries today.

In order to ensure that the library is utilizing the best acquisition models to serve its mission to its community, important questions must be considered, some obvious (How will this affect my users? My budget? My collection?), and some less obvious (How will the decisions I make today affect my library five years from now? How will publishers adapt? What will happen to library budgets as a whole?).

To provide background on the current state, Michael discusses the following questions:

1. How is content discovered by libraries (not patrons)?

2. How does patron discovery of content intersect with new e-book acquisition models?

3. How do various acquisition methods fit together?

4. How do libraries and publishers decide to use various formats & models?

5. What role does each sector play in managing content distribution & access?

6. How do changes in access model participation in one sector affect decisions in another sector?

The article takes a close look at book acquisitions in a market in the early stages of transition, driven largely by technology, but also by shifting institutional expectations and funding of academic libraries. All parts of the ecosystem have on impact on the future and are impacted by decisions made. To the degree possible in a highly competitive environment, libraries, publishers and vendors can choose to leverage each other’s expertise and build towards a sustainable future. All are citizens of the scholarly content community and hold responsibility for moving the caravan forward.

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Michael Zeoli
Vice President, Content Development & Partner Relations

Michael Zeoli has held various positions at GOBI Library Solutions since 1996, including Consortia Manager and Director of Sales for Canada. He has also been the Director of Content Product Management at ebrary, and has worked in the Acquisitions Department in the Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago. Michael holds master’s degrees from Middlebury College and Harvard University and spent five years at the University of Chicago working towards a Ph.D. in Italian literature.

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