One High School’s Experience Pursuing a High-Stakes, College Admission Test Prep Program

Library Resources | Anthony Neglio| June 25, 2018

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Orange High School Library Media Specialist Anthony Neglio discusses the need to pursue an affordable test-prep program that would help students prepare for college admissions exams.

As Orange High School in Orange, New Jersey, wraps up the school year, our administrative team has its eye on the future.  Our principal is looking to implement an after-school SAT™ test prep program for students to drop in and utilize our newest online library resource, EBSCO LearningExpress® PrepSTEP® for High Schools.

My principal, in an informal conversation asked me, “Mr. Neglio, how much is it to purchase physical books for an SAT test prep course?” That’s when I answered in my best advocating sales pitch!

 “Why purchase books when we have PrepSTEP?” It’s much more cost-effective for students to utilize tutorials, practice tests, flash cards and e-books online. There’s no need for a one-book-to-one-student purchase if resources are online, and teachers/administrators can access these tools online.  

The second point is to advocate for your library. Finding PrepSTEP and crusading for its implementation allowed me to support our entire SAT program and provide much-needed assistance to students. 

This brings up two important points about the role of the librarian in high-stakes test prep programs, whether for college admissions, state standards testing, AP exams or bringing students skills-level up to a passing grade. The librarian’s role is to find high-quality learning aids for students to utilize. I know many people think this should fall under the domain of the Guidance Department. Yes, in certain schools it may, but it takes a certified librarian to understand the value of a good program to facilitate learning and be considered a true reference.

The second point is to advocate for your library. Finding PrepSTEP and crusading for its implementation allowed me to support our school’s SAT program and provide much-needed assistance to students. When a library succeeds in introducing material in a SAT test prep program, it shows that the library is at the center of its school and is using the newest resources to help students become college-ready.

I’m looking forward to an even better school year in 2018/2019 with PrepSTEP for High Schools as I expand its reach to our AP coach, teachers, ROTC teacher (ASVAB practice), supervisor of testing, and of course, our Principal and Vice Principals — I’m guessing it’s already working.

View the recording of the Orange High School Webinar with Library Journal and EBSCO LearningExpress.

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Anthony Neglio
Library Media Specialist, Orange High School

Anthony Neglio, Library Media Specialist at Orange High School, Orange, New Jersey received a BA in History at Montclair State University and Associate Library Media Specialist Certification at William Paterson University. He supports the mission of the Orange High School Library Media Center as a student-centered research, information and circulating Hot Spot of Orange High School. He is an active member of NJASL and has been an educator for 9 years. 

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