Q&A: Why American Girl® Magazine Resonates with Adolescent Readers

Library Resources | August 16, 2018

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American Girl® magazine, a popular magazine for young girls, has a strong role in empowering girls in today’s society. Discover what topics are planned for the future issues, and learn why they partnered with EBSCO’s digital magazine newsstand, Flipster®.

Preteen years for young girls bring cheer, enthusiasm and excitement but these years can also be filled with many challenges. Fortunately, there are resources that empower young girls to work hard, embrace their appearance and develop confidence that will help them navigate their adolescent years. One of the leading sources of girl empowerment is American Girl® magazine which is now available digitally to libraries on Flipster®, EBSCO’s digital newsstand.

We asked American Girl representatives about the importance of empowering young girls in today’s society, which topics are planned for future issues and why the magazine partnered with EBSCO to bring its content to libraries digitally through the Flipster platform. Here’s what they had to say:

What is the mission/goal of American Girl magazine?

American Girl magazine serves its 8- to 12-year-old readers by speaking directly to the passions, hopes and worries that all girls share. The magazine’s mission is to help girls find their way in a confusing yet exciting world—to entertain, educate, and empower them at a time when so much in their lives is changing.

What makes American Girl different from other magazines geared towards preteens?

In a culture that tends to pressure girls to fast-forward through their childhood, American Girl tells its readers: “It’s great to be a girl!” To its readers, American Girl is more than a magazine—it is a place where their contributions are not only respected but integral, and where just being a girl is the best thing you can be.

Why is it important to empower preteens today?

At American Girl, we never stop believing in the unlimited potential of all girls, or in the families and communities who surround them. We understand that you want to give your girls the tools they need to be their best selves—healthy, independent, responsible, confident, joyful, and kind—girls of exceptional character.

Why do you think this magazine resonates so well with preteen girls?

Each issue of American Girl empowers girls by letting their voices be heard. The “Girls Express” section gives girls a forum to share their stories, achievements, and artwork, and the “Help!” column addresses real girls’ questions and concerns about everything from health to friendships to divorce. 

What subjects and trending topics can readers expect to see in future articles?

Girls of this age love to create, and American Girl offers fresh, engaging ideas for activities, games, recipes, crafts, and parties with clear, girl-tested instructions that yield appealing, sophisticated results.

At American Girl, we never stop believing in the unlimited potential of all girls, or in the families and communities who surround them.

Why should libraries consider adding this magazine to their collection?

American Girl magazine is the most popular magazine for girls ages eight through 12, according to Kids Say Trend Tracker. American Girl’s resonance with girls is further evidenced by the over 2,000 letters that the magazine receives in response to each issue. And as a Parent’s Choice Award winner since 2010, parents love it too!

How do you see schools using American Girl at their institutions? Are they used for leisure reading or in the classroom?

American Girl magazine is a great option for girls reading for leisure at school. The magazine is rich with fiction and non-fiction stories and advice that girls in this age group can relate to. The featured activities also help girls express their creativity with crafts and to-do’s that will inspire them to do even more at home.

Do you see colleges and universities benefiting from incorporating American Girl into their libraries and in classroom courses? And if so, how?

As a magazine geared toward eight to 12-year-old girls, this magazine is likely not the best fit for colleges and universities. If students are learning about children’s psychology or mid-level education, the magazine offers relevant insights into girls’ lives today — their interests, hobbies, issues, and concerns.

Why do you think that EBSCO is a strong partner to help distribute American Girl to libraries around the world digitally via Flipster?

At American Girl, we believe in reaching girls wherever they are reading. We know that girls often visit libraries for reading inspiration and this partnership will allow us to connect with fans in a new and exciting way.

The partnership of EBSCO with American Girl is an important one for libraries and their young readers. The magazine can be downloaded from any location using the Flipster app, so girls and their families can gain 24/7 access to this important resource.

If your library would like to request a free trial or subscribe to American Girl through Flipster, simply click this link and complete the short form on the page.

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