Q&A with Stacks Founder Kristin Delwo

Technology | November 07, 2019

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Stacks, which is now part of the EBSCO family, was founded by librarian Kristin Delwo. Read about her journey into creating this popular library technology resource.

Kristin Delwo is the co-founder of Stacks and the Vice President of SaaS Product and Technology at EBSCO Information Services. In her role, Kristin consults and works with libraries around the globe to help improve their research through EBSCO’s technology. Her background and experience make Kristin a trusted authority on business growth and library entrepreneurship.

Q: You started your library career as a library director. What drew you to this market and area of work?

A: Definitely a lifestyle choice with young children at the time. I’m a big believer in work-life harmony over work-life balance, so working in a family-friendly environment that complimented my other community involvement was very attractive.

Q: How did the idea for Stacks come to fruition? What problems does the product solve?

A: It originates back to those public library days when it was apparent that our community was unaware of and had limited access to all the amazing digital resources provided by our library. Moving into later years as a large multi-type consortia systems administrator, I was tasked to provide a platform and support/training services for hundreds of libraries’ digital presences and that was the real moment of “it shouldn’t be this hard.” Stacks is really about empowering librarians and information professionals to curate their digital experiences the same way they would their in-person experiences, without the need for technical expertise.

My best advice is to keep working to prove that there are new and better ways to solve old challenges.

Q: What drew you to EBSCO?

A: EBSCO’s mission and culture very much aligned with the Stacks team and approach. EBSCO Discovery Service is also a major contributor to the robust search experiences available within Stacks, which was also a strategic motivator to work with EBSCO.

Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: I am blessed to have the privilege of consulting and engaging with libraries of all types all around the world, helping improve research and experiences on a global scale.

Q:  Working in library technology, what has been your biggest challenge so far and what would your advice be for the entrepreneurs in this space?

A: Libraries can be a challenging place to innovate when that comes up against the way it’s always been done, so one must be confident in one’s ideas and equally commit to selling the vision. My best advice is to keep working to prove that there are new and better ways to solve old challenges.

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