Reality Check: The Periodicals Price Survey 2018 and What It Means for Libraries

Workflow | April 26, 2018

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Learn what the recent article in Library Journal, “Death by 1,000 Cuts: Periodicals Price Survey 2018,” has to say about library budgets not keeping pace with serials price inflation.

It’s that time again when librarians are looking back at the past year’s serial and journal purchases, and looking ahead to plan for next year’s cycle. A recent article in Library Journal, “Death by 1,000 Cuts: Periodicals Price Survey 2018,” by EBSCO Account Services Manager Barbara Albee, former EBSCO Subscription Services’ Chief Librarian Kittie Henderson and University of Arizona Budget and Licensing Librarian Stephen Bosch, discusses how libraries are receiving a declining percentage of overall university budgets, and how keeping pace with serial costs is an ongoing challenge.

Setting the stage for 2019, the article:

  • Reviews current economic conditions
  • Discusses the impact of journal price data on budget management processes
  • Covers the role that improvements in usage data gathering is playing in qualitative decision making
  • Provides a 2019 forecast for the serials marketplace. 

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