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Library Resources | July 12, 2018

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Top subject indexes can ensure access to the most relevant results while saving the academic researcher time.

Expert subject indexes enable serious researchers to conduct a thorough review of literature with speed and efficiency. The work done by experts in the field to curate and classify materials (journal articles, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, etc.) and develop field-specific controlled vocabularies has tremendous value.

In many cases, indexes were developed by experts in their respective fields who were compelled to streamline academic research on a very targeted topic for a dissertation, for example, that was otherwise onerous and time-consuming. Subject indexes provide controlled vocabularies to guide researchers toward the most targeted, inclusive results.

Consider the benefits of expert indexes spanning a range of disciplines:


Life Sciences:

Music & Musicology:

Engineering & Mathematics:


Expert indexes become the means through which the researcher can identify the best content and then link to available full text if it is not contained within the same database.

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