Six Skills That Create a Foundation for Success in School, the Workplace and in Life

Library Resources | March 09, 2017

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In a recent webcast, LearningExpress and Library Journal brought together librarians from a variety of institutions to talk about success skills and library resources. The panel outlines six top success skills, the barriers to building those skills and how libraries can help support skill development.

Six Skills That Create a Foundation for Success

Got success skills? They are the building blocks for achievement in school, the workplace, and in life-and according to educators and employers alike—many of us are lacking them. For a real-life perspective, LearningExpress and Library Journal assembled a panel of librarians from the state, K-12 school, college and public library levels to discuss the subject in a webcast. The conversation was enlightening. Here are the key takeaways:

The top skills that individuals need for success

  1. Written and verbal communication
  2. Information literacy
  3. Active listening
  4. Critical thinking and problem solving
  5. Organization and time management
  6. Interpersonal skills

Barriers to achieving success skills

  • Lack of accessibility to, or awareness of, skill-building resources
  • Reliance on popular search engines and social media as the definitive source for accurate information and news
  • The perception that soft skills are not teachable


  • Provide support — let educators, librarians and staff know what resources are available at their school, public and state-level libraries so they can direct individuals to the right resources. Offer training on how to incorporate the resources into school and library programs. Create community outreach programs that include success skills.
  • Promote information literacy — show individuals how to process the vast amount of information that is available today. Teach them how to distinguish between good versus bad information and reliable versus unfiltered sources. Help them learn how to identify, locate and use information effectively to report on a topic or solve a problem. Point them to trusted resources such as EBSCO Discovery Service™ and EBSCOhost® databases.
  • Seek out affordable skill-building resources — learn about the Success Skills Centers in LearningExpress’ PrepSTEP™ College and PrepSTEP™ High School editions, and also available for LearningExpress Library™.

Listen to the Webcast

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