The Benefits of Full Text Finder™

Technology | August 18, 2017

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Learn about the benefits of Full Text Finder™.

A to Z listing services were originally designed to help libraries itemize their collections. These services originally focused on journals, but the proliferation of e-books and the growth of journal packages demands a new, modern approach.

That is where EBSCO’s Full Text Finder™ comes into play. Full Text Finder provides a higher standard for library holdings and link management. Robust features – including a knowledge base, holdings management tools, a state-of-the-art publication search service, as well as a fully functional link resolver – helps users find full text as easily as possible.

The technology behind Full Text Finder is modernized to improve search performance, to provide additional integration points with EBSCO products and services, and to unify the administrative workflows via EBSCOadmin®. In addition, users will enjoy a richer and easier way to discover publications — and search for articles within those publications.

Learn more about the benefits of Full Text Finder.

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Introducing Full Text Finder

View Videos:

Full Text Finder, the patron experience

Holdings and Link Manager, the admin experience

For further details on Full Text Finder, visit EBSCO Help.

Full Text Finder

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