The Top Five Reasons to Add Audiobooks in Your Library

Library Resources | September 08, 2016

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As audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular, take a look at the top five reasons to use audiobooks in your library.

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular, and publishers are taking notice. The number of audiobooks released in 2015 (43,000) more than doubled the number released in 2014 (20,000). The convenience of audiobooks is one of the main reasons people choose them but they offer many other benefits to a wide variety of readers. Take a look at the top five reasons to use audiobooks in your library:

  1. Introduce Students/Patrons to Books above Their Reading Level – Audiobooks can help increase reading levels by introducing new vocabulary and difficult to pronounce names or words.
  2. Learn a New Language – Audiobooks are a great way to introduce foreign languages and understand international cultures.
  3. Instill Critical Listening Behavior – Good listeners = good readers. Audiobooks provide listening comprehension and decoding skills.
  4. Listen to Relax – Sometimes busy people don’t have time to read. Audiobooks can relieve stress whether you’re on a long drive, working out, knitting or doing chores around the house.
  5. A Beautifully Told Story – Famous actors and skilled narrators can help capture the essence, humor and action of a book by using speech inflections and dramatic prose to bring a story to life.

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