The Ultimate Q&A with Sara Earley, Director, Product Management

Library Resources | May 31, 2016

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With the September release fast approaching for five new Ultimate databases from EBSCO – Academic Search Ultimate, Business Source Ultimate, Sociology Source Ultimate, Humanities Source Ultimate and Applied Science & Technology Source Ultimate – Director of Product Management, Sara Earley, answered a few questions about the creation of these new academic resources and the growing need for research databases to include global scholarship.

Q. The Ultimate databases were created for five subject areas: multidisciplinary academic, business, sociology, humanities and applied science and technology. Why were these subject areas chosen as a focus?

A. These disciplines have historically been very popular areas of study. As the number of college students concentrating on these areas steadily continues to increase, and new scholarship continues to be published in these areas, we saw a need to grow our collections in order to capture the latest and greatest research available in each discipline.

Q. What is the biggest benefit to college students using an Ultimate database for research?
A.The main benefit to student researchers is that they can access a comprehensive collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed full-text journals with the assurance that the information they seek will be delivered in a reliable result list. Our subject matter specialists have curated vast collections of scholarly research for the Ultimate databases and EBSCO’s proven relevance ranking allows students to retrieve the best results in as few searches as possible.

Q. Clearly it’s not just about full-text numbers. What other factors set these databases apart?
A. Aside from providing unsurpassed scholarly content, the Ultimate databases deliver a global scope of information with content from North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Latin America. North America is still the largest producer of scholarly content, but over the past decade we’ve seen a shift in research output. The Ultimate databases fill a gap by providing access to essential bodies of research published both locally and globally to complete the student research experience.

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