Twas the Night Before Finals

Librarianship | Meg Quinn| December 14, 2016

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EBSCO librarians are sending holiday cheer with this take on a holiday classic that celebrates the librarians who help students with their studies year round.

EBSCO has hundreds of librarians on staff in over 20 countries, who know firsthand about the hard work and dedication librarians put into helping researchers, students and patrons. This small group of our staff librarians recently gathered on the Ipswich campus to spread some holiday cheer and wish all of you – librarians, customers and friends – a very Happy New Year!

‘Twas the night before finals
When all through the halls,
Not a student was stirring
Within the dorm walls.
They had gone to the place
Where they needed to study,
The library, of course,
To get help from a buddy.
Frantic and frazzled
They started to fret,
Looking for any and all
Of the answers to get.
The tests were upon them
Their papers were due,
And studying all night
Was all they could do.
Then the bleary-eyed co-eds
With a light coffee buzz,
Heard a sound like a rustle
And didn’t know what it was.
Their eyes opened wide
At the most welcome sight,
For the whole library staff
Had come to the rescue that night.
They helped one and all
With their knowledge and wit,
Referencing databases
E-books, journals and lit.
Factoids and answers
Sprang forth from their lips,
They dispensed sound advice
And some jolly good tips.
The librarians had experience
And much knowledge to share
They’d find a resource to cite
Just about anywhere.
The students could find
The info they sought,
And at the end of it all
A great lesson was taught.
Librarians are there
For a super good reason
To help students succeed,
No matter the season.
After helping the students
Get all their facts right,
They said, “Good luck to you all,
And to all a good night!”

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