Webinar Replay: How to Host a STEM Faculty Workshop

Library Resources | November 04, 2016

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Marquette University Librarian Heather James explains how to host a STEM Faculty Workshop in this webinar.

Hosting faculty workshops in your library can be a helpful way to build relationships between library staff and other members of the college community. Heather James, Instructional Librarian at Marquette University, recently hosted the webinar: How to Host a STEM Faculty Workshop in Your Library.


Along with tips, techniques and practical examples of programs that you could apply to your own library, Heather provided these key takeaways:

  1. Be sure to advertise through emails
  2. Get RSVPs but allow walk-ins
  3. Partner with other campus offices
  4. Ask what the faculty want to hear about with a short email survey
  5. Have confidence in your own expertise
  6. Remember that the library’s work depends on working with faculty
  7. Gather feedback for future sessions

Interested in even more ideas? You can watch the replay of the webinar and request more information from EBSCO on a variety of STEM resources available for your library.

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