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Library Resources | March 13, 2018

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Your academic library has a lot to offer to researchers and students, but they might not be aware of all the library resources available to them. Marketing your library to end users can be easy with these useful tips.

In a recent webinar presented by Leanne Nay, Digital Engagement Librarian at Indiana University, we shared several tips, ideas and real-world examples of how to spread the word about all the things your academic library offers researchers, students, faculty and others.

Leanne described several ways to market your library in different areas:

  • Get Social: Share content in your library that relates to trending hashtags, or create your own hashtags. Highlight items in your collection by tying them to the posts students are already looking at online. Check out our recent post on tips to master social media at your library.
  • Get Seen: Where you advertise is key. You can create eye-catching ads, flyers and posters, but it’s just as important to display them in an area that will get the most traffic. Also, be sure to promote your resources across several channels, from social media posts and your website to print materials on walls and desktops.
  • Get Interactive: Makerspaces are a great resource for interactive marketing. You could have students or researchers come in to create their own swag item – a button, a screen-printed bag or a homemade bookmark. Hosting a scavenger hunt is another way to get users into your library. Set up several research stations where users need to dive into certain databases to find your pre-determined results. Ideas can come from instructables.com, sparkfun.com and the websites of large public libraries.
  • Get Integrated: Build relationships with students in the classroom, and help instructors integrate information literacy into existing courses. It will help researchers develop critical thinking skills and expose them to the library’s offerings.
  • Get Noticed: You don’t need to be an expert in graphic design and branding to create memorable promotional pieces. There are many online resources to help promote your library, including dafont.com and thenounproject.com. LibraryAware™ from NoveList® is a subscription-based resource for printing templates for emails, posters, flyers, bookmarks and more.
  • Get Personal: To make your library even more welcoming, be sure to remind researchers and students that librarians are people, too. They might find it easier to relate to librarians through photos, biographies and personal interests of the library staff.

Interested in learning more about how to creatively market your library to students and researchers? You can watch the replay of the webinar and download the infographic here.

Watch the Webinar

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