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Library Resources | Elisabeth Buchberger| May 15, 2019

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Hear from Elisabeth Buchberger, project lead for WTI-Frankfurt-digital, provider of Polymer Library, about their experience at this year’s Hannover Fair, an international trade fair for the production industry.

At the beginning of January, shortly after the foundation of WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH, the company successfully applied to Hessen Trade and Invest GmbH (HTAI) as co-exhibitors at the joint stand of the technology state Hessen.

This year's Hannover Fair focused on the use of artificial intelligence in production and robotics, as well as the possibilities of the future 5G mobile phone generation and its application. In addition, contributions to the workplace concept of the future and increasing digitalization were presented. Over five days, the Hannover Fair attracted approx. 215,000 visitors. Around 40 percent of the visitors came from abroad — most of them from China, the Netherlands, Italy and the USA.

WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH was one of 6,500 exhibitors, as part of the Digital Factory. Our trade fair concept used the slogan:

"Pesky knowledge-gaps? Not with WTI!"
With our products you will fill every knowledge gap and always find the right hits!

In order to capture this slogan in a tangible concept, we designed fly swatters and distributed them together with our flyers at the fair. In total, we distributed almost 1,800 fly swatters over the five days of the fair and for two days, we presented our company and products on the Hessen stage of the joint stand.

The team at WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH has more than 40 years of experience in the production of scientific reference databases. The transfer of reliable and certified knowledge from the source to the customer is our highest goal. To achieve this, we work with publishers around the world but are not associated exclusively with any publishing company. In August 2018 we took over the production and continuation of the database Polymer Library from Smithers Information Ltd.

The transfer of reliable and certified knowledge from the source to the customer is our highest goal.

The Polymer Library is the world's largest abstracts database dedicated to plastics, rubber, polymer composites and adhesives. It includes references from over 450 journals, together with conference papers, specifications and standards, books, reports, press releases, company literature, data sheets and directories. Also included are patent records from 1994 - 2001. Approximately 80,000 new records are added every year. Source material is predominantly English and German language but does include items in a variety of languages where possible (all titles and abstracts are given in English or German). Coverage is international, with materials sourced from around the world including North America, Australia, across Europe, Japan, China and India.

Based on our extensive knowledge databases, we created new products that were present at the Hannover Fair. Our WTI-Game is a knowledge game that was played for the first time at the Hannover Fair 2019. After the fair, we evaluated the high-scores of the players and recorded new high-scores of up to 6.5 million points.

Another new product is our WTI-Consult concept, which offers knowledge management and consulting. In addition, we take on research assignments from our clients and offer customized information analysis.

On the first day of the fair, the Hessian Minister of Digital Affairs, Prof. Dr. Sinemus, visited the joint stands of the technology state Hessen and we had the opportunity to introduce our new products to her.

Our conclusion of the Hannover Fair 2019:

We got to know many interesting people and companies. Our products and our trade fair concept attracted many visitors and we had a lot of fun.

So, there is only one thing left for us to say: NEXT STOP HESSEN!

Our WTI employees were full of energy! From left to right: Peter Tandetzky, Elisabeth and Timo Buchberger (Picture ©Hessen Trade & Invest, Gabriel Poblete)

WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH presents the new products to Prof. Dr. Sinemus, the Hessian Minister of Digital Affairs. (Picture ©Hessen Trade & Invest, Nick Neufeld)

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Elisabeth Buchberger
Project Lead, WTI-Frankfurt-digital

Elisabeth Buchberger joined WTI-Frankfurt-digital GmbH as a project lead in March 2018. As a representative of the new and young generation she leads WTI’s marketing into a new direction. With her professional background in cultural studies and the gaming industry one of her main projects is the development of the knowledge game WTI-Game.

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