How to Surface Science in Your Research

Posted August 10, 2016 in Content

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Imagine that you are a researcher (some of you reading this probably are) and you are tasked with finding the next best biopharmaceutical development. There are millions of dollars resting on your research, not to mention humans who will ultimately benefit from your product. Your company is about to embark on an arduous, long and multi-year course to develop a new medicine, and it all starts with your research within the “discovery process.” Read More »

Secrets to Time Management

Posted June 2, 2016 in Insights & Research

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Chances are, most of us are guilty of poor time management at some point, whether it was procrastinating that big term paper in college or holding off on a simple email reply nowadays. Discover tips, tricks and expert advice that can help people change their thinking (and start learning) when it comes to time management.* Read More »

Five Questions for Harvard Business Review Press Author Fred Kiel

Posted May 9, 2016 in Events & News

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Fred Kiel is co-founder of KRW International, a leadership management consultancy, co-author of the influential book, Moral Intelligence 2.0, and speaker of the popular TED Talk, "Psychopaths in the C-Suite." Read a recent interview with Fred on his latest book, Return on Character: The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win (published by Harvard Business Review Press). Read More »

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