Cars and Clinical Information, They Have More in Common Than You Think

Posted January 9, 2017 in Insights & Research

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When it comes to making a big purchase like buying a car, we as consumers rarely go into the process uneducated. We research and tap as many resources as possible to ensure we are making the right decision and that what we are buying is of real quality to us and for our lives. The same consumer "purchase research" we conduct for large-scale purchases is also done in the world of hospitals. Learn about the go-to source many hospitals use to help make sense of these kind of purchases and helps lead them down the path of quality. Read More »

One for All and All for One

Posted November 7, 2016 in Insights & Research

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Flu season has arrived, and getting your annual influenza vaccination is the most effective means for protecting yourself and others from influenza. DynaMed Deputy Editor Dr. Sheila Bond shares some important information about the flu and the importance of the flu vaccine. Read More »

Medical Writing for the 21st Century “Cronut” Audience

Posted November 1, 2016 in Insights & Research

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In early October, hundreds of medical writers descended on Denver to discuss the state of health-related communication, to deliberate how best to bridge research and the general public, to take certification exams, and to forge new professional relationships and foster those previously formed. Heather Marshall, Ph.D., Senior Medical Writer at DynaMed, participated in this years’ American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Medical Writing and Communication Conference and shares her experience. Read More »

The EpiPen Price Controversy

Posted October 19, 2016 in Insights & Research

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Amid the recent EpiPen pricing controversy, there has been increased discussion on the importance of epinephrine in the treatment of anaphylaxis. DynaMed® Deputy Editor Dr. Ruth Hertzman-Miller interviews allergist and immunologist Dr. Joyce Hsu about important information that clinicians and patients should know about this treatment. Read More »


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