Preventing Peanut Allergy…With Peanuts

Posted February 20, 2017 in Content

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Food Allergies are an important public health concern. However, new studies are allowing doctors to better manage and possibly even prevent food allergies. DynaMed Plus Topic Editor, Dr. Wei Wei Li of Mount Sinai Health Care System takes a look at some of the recent medical discoveries, including one on one of the most prevalent allergies: the peanut allergy. Read More »

Behind Every Great Idea Are Great People

Posted February 6, 2017 in Insights & Research

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Often, the “BIG” ideas start with a kernel of inspiration and are built upon by scholars and innovators until they evolve into truly inspired change. There are many factors that determine whether a good idea can evolve into a great idea, but the most important is great people. Great ideas come from people who are passionate about what they do, are committed to positive change, are motivated to create a real difference in people’s lives, and have confidence in the concept even when the task at hand seems insurmountable. The people who created DynaMed Plus® are a prime example. Read More »

Cars and Clinical Information, They Have More in Common Than You Think

Posted January 9, 2017 in Insights & Research

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When it comes to making a big purchase like buying a car, we as consumers rarely go into the process uneducated. We research and tap as many resources as possible to ensure we are making the right decision and that what we are buying is of real quality to us and for our lives. The same consumer "purchase research" we conduct for large-scale purchases is also done in the world of hospitals. Learn about the go-to source many hospitals use to help make sense of these kind of purchases and helps lead them down the path of quality. Read More »


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