EBSCO Supports Customers through Partnership with Ex Libris

Posted June 25, 2015 in Events & News

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From EBSCO’s perspective, when we develop partnerships with other vendors, these collaborations are about one thing – better serving libraries. Every organization has its strengths, but through tight collaboration that we enable with partners, we open the doors that allow libraries to take advantage of those unique strengths in order to create the best possible overall library services for their library. It is this best-of-breed approach that is the underlying benefit of the new partnership between EBSCO and Ex Libris. Read More »


Posted February 24, 2015 in Content

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With the news of EBSCO acquiring YBP Library Services from Baker & Taylor, you may have some questions. Mark Kendall is YBP’s General Manager and Senior Vice President. He has more than 20 years of experience working with libraries and publishing and he has insights into the deal that brings YBP Library Services into the EBSCO family. Read More »

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